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In 1978 the grisly discovery of a crudely buried collection of skeletons beneath a house in Illinois led police to one of the most notorious serial killers in US history: John Wayne Gacy aka the ‘Killer Clown’

Accused of 33 murders, Gacy was known for his appearances at charitable events and children’s parties dressed as ‘Pongo the Clown’.

With a staggering number of human remains to identify, investigators turned to expert forensic anthropologist Dr. Clyde Snow for help – and in doing so, paid a debt to the ground breaking CSIs who used similar techniques to convict the murderous ‘sausage king of Chicago’ almost a hundred years earlier.


  • Killer Clown
    Find out how the macabre discovery in 1978 of a crudely buried collection of skeletons led police to notorious serial-killer John Wayne Gacy.



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    Pongo The Clown

    Eventually caught, convicted and sentenced to death for his murderous crimes, John Wayne Gacy was...

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