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The mean streets of Compton can be a scary place to grow up – and nowhere more so than on its deadly 200kph illegal racing circuit. 

In LA Street Racers, meet the speed freaks dicing with death in the City of Angels as they seek an escape from LA’s notorious drug and gang problems. 

With thousands of dollars on the line – and the potential for a nasty stretch behind bars if the cops catch up with them – the stakes couldn’t be higher as customised supercars tear up the tarmac night after night. 

Join the young drivers and mechanics at notorious street racing team ‘Custom Performance Racing’ as they plot a path from residential racing to the professional petrol head circuit

With a massive event looming at Fontana Raceway, CPR knows that a successful performance could allow them to leave the streets behind forever

Could this be their ticket straight outta Compton?
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