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    • Jet The Locomotive show

      Jet The Locomotive

      Jet is aggressive, obsessive, and hard to handle. Cesar's here to put brakes on this runaway train.

    • Stubborn Rosie show

      Stubborn Rosie

      Cesar Millan helps Rosie, a stubborn Staffordshire Bull Terrier, find a forever home.

    • The Intimidator! show

      The Intimidator!

      At only seven months old Dora has developed some major personality issues.

    • Unlucky Dog show

      Unlucky Dog

      Harry’s owner suddenly dies and he is placed in a shelter. Can Cesar help this broken hearted pup?

    • Aggressive Amigo show

      Aggressive Amigo

      Amigo the greyhound was rescued but has a severe aggression towards other dogs. Can Cesar help him find a good home?

    • Once Bitten Video Blog show

      Once Bitten Video Blog

      Cheri and the team discover a rescue dog is going through a false pregnancy.

    • Mambo Madness Video Blog show

      Mambo Madness Video Blog

      Mambo is a favorite of dog behaviorist Cheri Lucas, and she tells us why.

    • Too Much Mojo Video Blog show

      Too Much Mojo Video Blog

      Mojo's possible owners are about to be put to the test by Cesar's team.

    • Brad Pitt Of Italy show

      Brad Pitt Of Italy

      Miles gets all cleaned up to meet the candidates that will compete to give him a permanent home.

    • Family For Brigadiere show

      Family For Brigadiere

      Cesar is looking for the right family who really understands rescue dogs.

    • Turbo Video Blog show

      Turbo Video Blog

      Dog behaviorist and trainer Cheri Lucas shows off Turbo's behaviour.

    • Sophia Video Blog show

      Sophia Video Blog

      Dog behaviourist and trainer Cheri Lucas talks about rescued dog Sophia's history.