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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild

  • Wednesday 10 August at 10:00PM
  • Nat Geo Wild


He’s been living surrounded by domesticated lions for years. 

Kevin Richardson lies down with them, pets them, takes care of them and travels long distances along with them. 

Convinced that animals cannot be domesticated through stick and chain strikes, he’s been using other techniques since their tender childhood to get in touch with them. 

The compassion, trust and even love he feels for those animals - considered as the most dangerous of the world - enabled him to create his own language

He claims an instinctive approach of those animals which led to the fusional relationship they share. 

This documentary takes you into the intimacy of this astonishing, “extra-ordinary” relationship

In South Africa, where wild beasts are the victims of poachers and dream sellers, Kevin tries to denounce those downward slides and protect the kings of savanna he knows better than anyone else...
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