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  • Thursday 23 April at 12:00PM
  • National Geographic Channel


Join the experts to unearth the treasures of an ancient wonder in the UK premiere of Lost Civilisation on Tuesday 13 March at 9pm.

It is the find that could rewrite the whole of human history.

In 1995, under the dusty soil of a Turkish hill, a complex was unearthed that is older than the Egyptian pyramids and pre-dates Stonehenge.

However, with the true significance of the site only now becoming apparent, the find is making experts re-evaluate their theories on mankind's entire development.

Could this incredible monument really have been the catalyst that started humanity's journey from the Stone Age to the Space Race?

Find out with experts, including Dave Chapman, as they investigate how and why this mysterious place was built.

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  1. Episode 1/ Lost Civilisation
    March 29/ 8:00am
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  2. Episode 1/ Lost Civilisation
    March 30/ 2:00am
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  3. Episode 1/ Lost Civilisation
    April 23/ 12:00pm
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