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His action-packed life may have blazed a searing trail of death and destruction through history but, in death, Genghis Khan is proving to be a puzzlingly elusive figure.

In the Lost Tomb Of Genghis Khan saddle up with a team of experts as they unearth Mongolia's best-kept secret and the only remaining tie to its spiritual and political forefather.

With no burial site ever uncovered, the 800-year-old mystery of the marauding Mongolian's final resting place has baffled archaeologists for centuries.

Led by self-confessed Genghis-obsessive Albert Yu-Min Lin, the explorers hope that untested technologies and a sophisticated network of civilian scientists will give them the edge on previous missions.

But as they approach what they believe could be the legendary Burkhan Khaldun - a sacred mountain often linked to the long-dead ruler - gold-grabbing gravediggers and freakish weather systems all...

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