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Experience the complex relationship between a pop star and his pet chimp in Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story.

When a million mourners flocked to Michael Jackson's memorial service in July 2009, the world reflected on all the eccentricities of a creative genius.

He lived his life in the middle of the biggest media circus on Earth, but early on Michael Jackson found solace away from it all with an unlikely and trusted companion - a chimpanzee named Bubbles.

The chimp became the world's most famous pet, and for six years they were inseparable. Bubbles joined Michael on his 1987 "Bad" tour of Japan and on other trips all around the world. Their lives seemed to mirror each other: Jackson the man who never had a childhood and Bubbles, the chimp who grew up a human.

So, what became of the world's most famous chimp? This revealing documentary talks to those who witnessed the relationship first hand, including Michael's sister La Toya, and explores the complex psychology behind Jackson's devotion to his chimp and other animals.

It also highlights the path Bubbles' life took once he hit adolescence when Michael could no longer care for him, to where he is now more than 20 years later.


  • Michael Jackson And Bubbles: The Untold Story
    For six years, the singer and his chimp companion were inseparable. Witnesses including Michael's sister La Toya talk about their relationship.



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