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The sun’s out and everyone loves a dip, but what really lurks below the murky waters of the world’s rivers…it’s not Jaws but it’s not far off!

From the shores of Australia to the depths of the Amazon, Monster Fish exposes the many sea monsters that lie in wait.

Join fish biologist Zeb Hogan as he travels far and wide to uncover underwater beasts, witness their impressive attack, defensive mechanisms and learn their ‘monster’ secrets.

Zeb goes on the hunt for the monster bull shark, one of the most aggressive sharks in existence, whose bite is definitely worse than his bark; and the elusive, rarely seen, speartooth shark. Searching the water is no easy feat, and it’s far from predictable, as Zeb discovers, when he meets a hammerhead shark!

Back around the globe, Thailand is home to the giant sting-ray and Zeb comes nose to snout with one 12 feet long!

He also tests ou...
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