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Football fans united in shock when a plane carrying a hugely talented Manchester United team crashed on the runway in Munich in February 1958, killing 44 passengers on board.

Munich Air Disaster: I Was There is an emotional documentary which follows crash survivor Harry Gregg as he embarks on a personal journey to meet Vera Lukic, a Serbian woman whom he saved from the wreckage.

Marked forever by the painful memories of the disaster, but driven by a sense of duty to those who didn't survive, Gregg visits both the crash site and the hospital where many passengers lost their fight for life, before undertaking a poignant reunion with Vera in Belgrade.

Revealing the long-term consequences of the tragedy, Gregg's reflective excursion into the past forms a fitting tribute to his team mates who are, to this day, remembered as one of the greatest teams of all time.

In an exclusive interview Sandy...

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