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Mystery Files returns to blow the dust off the case reports of some of the most famous and iconic characters from around the world.

From the enigmatic Lawrence of Arabia, to the legends surrounding Chief Sitting Bull, Marco Polo and Queen Elizabeth I, the true stories behind their fame or notoriety have inspired, intrigued and confounded us all.

Unearthing new evidence and exploring fresh theories with 21st century forensics, the quest of each episode is to finally separate fact from fiction.


  • Mystery Files: Sitting Bull
    Military analysis and new oral history attempt to clear the name of the great American Indian chief, who many blame for an 1876 massacre.
  • Mystery Files: Captain Kidd
    Exploring evidence of a government conspiracy behind the downfall of William Kidd, the supposedly fearsome 'pirate' executed in 1701.
  • Mystery Files: Lawrence Of Arabia
    Military genius or master charlatan? Examine the arguments for and against the importance of Lawrence's role in the Great Arab Revolt.
  • Mystery Files: Alexander The Great
    Tracing the disappearance of the king's sacred tomb. One historian claims Alexander's body was renamed and venerated as a Christian saint.
  • Mystery Files: Marco Polo
    Explore the doubts behind the much-touted journeys of the pioneering trader, who is widely considered one of history's greatest travellers.
  • Mystery Files: Zorro
    Explore the historical fact behind this enduring legend. One new theory suggests a mysterious Irishman was the basis for the fictional hero.
  • Mystery Files: Pope Joan
    The scandalous story of the woman believed by some to have once ruled the Catholic Church, a legend that has endured for centuries.
  • Mystery Files: Hitler
    Modern medical research reveals a new analysis on Hitler's transformation from drifter to tyrant, following his gas poisoning as a young soldier.
  • Mystery Files: Saladin
    The myth of the great Muslim ruler comes under close inspection, as we trace the details of his battles and conquests.
  • Mystery Files: Taj Mahal
    The Taj Mahal has inspired awe for centuries. Now supposed historical plans to build a black copy of the grand mausoleum are put to the test.
  • Mystery Files: Jesus
    The story of the Nativity, seen through of archelogical evidence, close analysis of the Gospels and a linguistic evaluation of the bible.
  • Mystery Files: Isaac Newton
    Take a fresh look at the great phsyicist, as this in-depth study of his writings and work argues he wasn't as logical as his image suggests.
  • Mystery Files: The Virgin Queen
    Elizabeth I's rumoured romance with Robert Dudley led to suspicions about his wife's strange death. Modern CSI techniques shed light on the case.



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