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It's been called the world's oldest profession and in contemporary society prostitution takes many forms - from dangerous streetwalking to the high-end call girls who meet their clients in five-star luxury. Prostitution: The Oldest Trade examines the effects and realities of the multi-billion pound global sex trade. 

Go beyond the sometimes glossy veneer of this industry's respectability to see heartbreaking stories of how young girls are sold into sex slavery. For many this turns into a lifetime of abuse, disease and destitution.  Experience one such case of Maya, who was sold at just 10 years old into a Bangladeshi sex slum.  As one of roughly 2,000 prostitutes, she services passing truckers for around $4 an hour.  Back in the UK, we follow a disabled man as he prepares to travel abroad to a legal brothel specialising in sex for those less able.

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