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Do you think Iron Man is science fiction? And the ability to bound at great speeds, lift huge weights or leap tall fences are things you might read about in a superhero comic? Then prepare to be stunned in the UK premiere of Robot Solders as this programme reveals that with a little help from technology such superpowers are becoming more than just fantasy!

Exoskeletons, which allow the wearer to take on the strength of a machine, have sprung from the world of science fiction and are increasingly used today. In a series of eye-popping demonstrations, this fascinating show introduces the machine that allows an average man to defeat a trained athlete in an endurance test, and the huge piloted robot used in Japan to rescue earthquake survivors.

Plus, meet the exoskeleton 'hobbyist' who has been challenged to build a suit that will allow him to throw a car off a cliff, and the woman who is w...

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