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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


    • Vertical Minefield show

      Vertical Minefield

      Most people don't realise just how much potential disaster is hanging overhead when they drive by a mountainside cliff.

    • The Practical Joker show

      The Practical Joker

      Dangerous job! Brock helps lighten the crew’s heavy load.

    • Priority Rock show

      Priority Rock

      After two days of massive effort, Darcy and Anthony have finally dropped the humungous rock holding up the job.

    • Barely Escaping show

      Barely Escaping

      The mountain takes Cowboy's bar, and almost takes his arm with it!

    • Engine of Death show

      Engine of Death

      The crew suddenly spots a seriously loose crop of rock that could topple to the ground below at any moment.

    • Cave of Winds show

      Cave of Winds

      Brock and Anthony scale Niagara's legendary Cave of Winds to make it as safe as possible for the public.

    • Overhang Challenge show

      Overhang Challenge

      Can Anthony and Darcy man handle heavy steel bolts into a humongous rock despite their precarious position hanging over the gorge?

    • Tricky Maneuver show

      Tricky Maneuver

      It takes most of the crew to drop a massive steel bolt into place while scaling the rocks in Niagara State Park.