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This tale of the largest Anglo Saxon treasure hoard ever found is a must-see for the modern day treasure hunter.

The unprecedented find mesmerised archaeologists and historians around the world, and made global headlines. In Saxon Gold: Finding the Hoard, we uncover the full story.

Nothing like this has ever been found in Britain before - sixteen hundred pieces of bejewelled gold and silver, buried, lost then forgotten. Discovered in July 2009 by an amateur metal detecting enthusiast in Litchfield, Staffordshire, this magnificent golden hoard is set to shed light on one of the most mysterious periods of British history.

Dating back nearly 1,400 years from the mid-seventh century, everyone wants to know to whom the treasure belonged. Where and how was it made? Why was it buried? And why was it lost for over a millennium?

This absorbing show answers these questions and more, as we meet the...
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