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Every year, hundreds of millions of tourists head off in pursuit of adventure in foreign lands - and each year, millions of them get a little more adventure than they bargained for. 

Anyone can be a victim of a crime but it seems to come naturally to tourists

But while you try to avoid the thieves and con artists, economist and author Conor Woodman actively seeks them out. 

Travelling to the world’s great cities with an undercover team and hidden cameras, Conor exposes the ruthless ploys used to steal your hard-earned holiday cash by getting himself scammed, robbed and conned so you won’t.

Be warned, in the eyes of the criminals, every tourist is a victim waiting to happen!


  • Scam City: New Orleans
    In New Orleans, Conor discovers a range of scammers from street-level crooks to a sophisticated gambling racket with roots in organised crime.
  • Scam City: Mexico City
    Conor heads out to discover more about the criminals who have killed, kidnapped and extorted their way through Mexico City's beautiful avenues.
  • Scam City: New York City
    Conor Woodman immerses himself in the Big Apple and find outs that zero tolerance hasn't swept tourist scams from the streets.
  • Scam City: Jerusalem
    From questionable requests for charity at the Western Wall to pickpockets on the Mount of Olives, Conor discovers the darker side of Jerusalem.
  • Scam City: Mumbai
    In Mumbai, Conor Woodman experiences the mother of all taxi scams minutes after his arrival from the airport.
  • Scam City: Bogota
    Conor Woodman searches for a deadly zombie drug that renders its victims helpless as he explores the underside of Colombia's largest city.
  • Scam City: Hong Kong
    Conor Woodman gets more than he bargains for when he goes undercover in Hong Kong searching for scams and becomes a sugar daddy to a young woman.



  • Psychic Scams photo

    Psychic Scams

    Conor checks out the New Orleans psychic tables and gets into a heated confrontation.

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