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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild

  • Tuesday 9 February at 11:30PM
  • National Geographic Channel


This show combines cold hard science with some of the craziest, most spectacular and painful user generated clips ever recorded.  

Richard Hammond introduces all manner of mishaps featuring brave, of misguided individuals from around the world and then explains the science behind their failure and humiliation with the use of bespoke animations and super slo-mo cinematography. 

Every episode features between 50 and 60 clips of misadventure – ordinary folk making extraordinary mistakes. 

Each week watch stunts involving weightlifting, shooting guns or jumping over cars, that have gone wrong, paused, re-wound, and re-played and analysed to determine exactly what went wrong and why. 

Richard explains the physics, chemistry and biology at play, then presents forensic details to explain the stupidity that resulted in failure

He’ll look at everything including weight, volume, momentum, comb...
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