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The English Channel is a hugely busy and treacherous stretch of water. Fortunately, it is patrolled by an elite multi-agency team 24/7 that includes the RAF, the Navy, the RNLI and Customs - all of which are poised to come to the aid of seafarers and tackle crime at a moment's notice. Join us for the gripping new episodes of Sea Patrol UK as our cameras head back out onto the water to shadow the agencies as they tackle emergencies and cases from Dover along the entire channel coast to Lands End.

For them, drama comes in many forms - including the investigation of suspicious fishing trawlers, people missing at sea and smugglers bringing in contraband. They are ready to respond to every type of incident, risking their lives to avert disaster and make the Channel a safer place.


  • Sea Patrol UK: Episode 1
    The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Unit responds to a massive Nazi war mine off the coast of Weymouth, while the RAF rescues a stricken rock climber.
  • Sea Patrol UK: Episode 2
    The RAF's search-and-rescue helicopter is on hand when a teenage boy's day at the beach turns into a nightmare.
  • Sea Patrol UK: Episode 3
    A stranded fishing trawler seeks urgent assistance from the RNLI. Elsewhere, an 11-month-old puppy gives the Portland Coastguard the runaround.
  • Sea Patrol UK: Episode 4
    Inspectors discover major safety failings on a luxury liner, while elsewhere, there's something fishy going on on board a French trawler.
  • Sea Patrol UK: Episode 5
    The RNLI race to the rescue of a stricken seaman in the Channel, while a father and son cut off by the tide are winched to safety by the RAF.
  • Sea Patrol UK: Episode 6
    Nine people are trapped on the notorious Weston-super-Mare mud flats. Elsewhere, bomb disposal experts attend to a device on the Scilly Isles.
  • Sea Patrol UK: Episode 7
    RAF Search and Rescue race against the tide as they battle to save a fallen climber. The crew of luxury liner the QM2 face a full fire drill.
  • Sea Patrol UK: Episode 8
    Action-packed series following the unsung heroics of the maritime rescue crews, who risk their lives to keep the UK's shipping channels safe.



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    Winch Rescue

    See the RAF winch a father and son to safety after they're cut off by the tide! (series 2, episod...

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