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  • Winch Rescue show

    Winch Rescue

    See the RAF winch a father and son to safety after they're cut off by the tide! (series 2, episode 5)

  • Faulty Luxury Liner show

    Faulty Luxury Liner

    Watch as inspectors discover major safely failings on a luxury liner. (series 2, episode 4)

  • Portland Coastguard & the puppy show

    Portland Coastguard & the puppy

    Portland Coastguard get the runaround by an 11-month old puppy! (series 2, episode 3)

  • Search and rescue missions show

    Search and rescue missions

    Follow the men and women who keep the English Channel safe in new explosive episodes of Sea Patrol UK. (series 2, episode 1)

  • Nightmare on the beach show

    Nightmare on the beach

    RAF is on hand when a day at the beach turns into a nightmare. (series 2, episode 2)

  • New episode 2 show

    New episode 2

    Preview of the second episode from the exclusive new Sea Patrol UK series.

  • Adrian Rogers - part 1 show

    Adrian Rogers - part 1

    An interview with Adrian Rogers a Paramedic Winch Operator with the MCA Search and Rescue in Portland.

  • Adrian Rogers - part 2 show

    Adrian Rogers - part 2

    Part 2 of our interview with Adrian Rogers, a Paramedic Winch Operator with the MCA Search and Rescue in Portland.

  • Tony Campbell show

    Tony Campbell

    Tony Campbell, Winch Operator and Chief Crewman with the MCA Search and Rescue in Portland, talks about his role.

  • Harry Hughes show

    Harry Hughes

    A Q&A with Harry Hughes from RNLI Dover.

  • Night Time Rescue - series 1 show

    Night Time Rescue - series 1

    RAF Chivenor Crew preparing for a night-time rescue operation mission using a Sea King helicopter.

  • The Lost Cargo - series 1 show

    The Lost Cargo - series 1

    Footage of a Russian cargo ship which loses 6,300 tonnes of timber during its voyage.