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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild

  • Monday 4 May at 11:00AM
  • National Geographic Channel


Whether it involves an everyday train journey, an international flight or a climbing expedition, every disaster has its cause, but few understand the chain of events that trigger them. 

Explore intriguing investigations into some of the world’s most famous headline-grabbing catastrophes.

Seconds From Disaster features in-depth reconstructions and astonishing insights into some truly momentous moments of misfortune.

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When to watch

  1. Episode 2/ Fire In The Cockpit
    May 4/ 11:00am
    Set Reminder
  2. Episode 4/ Into The Death Zone
    May 5/ 11:00am
    Set Reminder
  3. Episode 5/ Terrified Over Tokyo
    May 6/ 11:00am
    Set Reminder