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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild

  • Friday 3 July at 9:00AM
  • National Geographic Channel


Whether it involves an everyday train journey, an international flight or a climbing expedition, every disaster has its cause, but few understand the chain of events that trigger them. 

Explore intriguing investigations into some of the world’s most famous headline-grabbing catastrophes.

Seconds From Disaster features in-depth reconstructions and astonishing insights into some truly momentous moments of misfortune.


  • Seconds From Disaster: Jonestown Cult Suicide
    Revealing how US congressman Leo Ryan exposed the true horror behind Reverend Jim Jones' religious community deep in the Guyanese jungle.
  • Seconds From Disaster: Fire In The Cockpit
    Relive the final moments onboard Swissair Flight 111, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near Canada in September 1998.
  • Seconds From Disaster: Black Hawk Down
    Relive the US Army's botched 1993 mission to capture key lieutenants in warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid's clan in Mogadishu, Somalia.
  • Seconds From Disaster: Into The Death Zone
    Revealing how nine climbers lost their lives on Mount Everest in 1996, in the deadliest two-day period of the mountain's history.
  • Seconds From Disaster: Terrified Over Tokyo
    In the worst single-aircraft accident in aviation history, a Boeing 747 crashed into a mountain in 1985, killing 520 people. How did it happen?
  • Seconds From Disaster: Runaway Train
    Over 100 passengers lost their lives when a commuter train derailed and crashed into an apartment building in the Japanese city of Amagasaki.
  • Seconds From Disaster: Nagasaki: The Forgotten Bomb
    Analyse the controversial claim that the second atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki was essential to bringing a swift end to World War II.
  • Seconds From Disaster: Sinking The Coventry
    Nineteen sailors lost their lives when HMS Coventry was bombed in the Falklands War. Find out why the ship was unable to defend herself.
  • Seconds From Disaster: Chinook Helicopter Crash
    25 members of the Northern Ireland intelligence community lost their lives in a helicopter crash in 1994. Was pilot error really to blame?



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