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National Geographic Channel



    • Die Trying show

      Die Trying

      Die Trying follows six high-risk, high-reward expeditions that test the capacity for determined men and women to conquer...

    • Outsiders With Darren McMullen show

      Outsiders With Darren McMullen

      Go on a weird and wonderful journey through Europe’s oddest, most flamboyant and fascinating subcultures. From familiar...

    • Tales From The Bush Larder show

      Tales From The Bush Larder

      Tales From The Bush Larder takes you on a culinary tour of Kenya. Shot against breathtaking landscapes, each episode explores...

    • Ultimate Survival Alaska show

      Ultimate Survival Alaska

      They are some the toughest, most extreme survivalists that Alaska has to offer. Going head to head, eight men of a rare breed...

    • Chasing Ice show

      Chasing Ice

      Some people are prepared to risk all to reveal the truth. So, while climate change remains one of the most polarising debates...

    • Great Railway Adventures with Dan Cruickshank show

      Great Railway Adventures with Dan Cruickshank

      Climb up on the footplate and join historian and host Dan Cruickshank for a railway adventure like no other as he investigates...

    • Cruise Ship Diaries show

      Cruise Ship Diaries

      This captivating six-part series features the Costa Serena, one of Europe's largest cruise ships. Longer than London Bridge...

    • Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled show

      Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled

      Every year guidebook publisher Lonely Planet sends hundreds of writers and photographers around the globe.For the first time...

    • World's Most Dangerous Roads show

      World's Most Dangerous Roads

      Travel the length and breadth of the world to uncover the most dangerous roads known to mankind.Mokhtari's odyssey takes him...

    • Charley Boorman: By Any Means show

      Charley Boorman: By Any Means

      Adventurer Charley Boorman undertakes an epic trip from Wicklow in Ireland to Sydney, Australia and will travel by any means...

    • Lost in China show

      Lost in China

      From China’s wild west to Beijing’s boom, photography and filmmaking duo Jeff and Peter Hutchens capture china in its...

    • Long Way Down show

      Long Way Down

      Ewan McGregor and best mate Charley Boorman take to the road in this ten-part documentary series.Ewan McGregor and best mate...