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Experience astonishing near-death experiences including a nearly five kilometre freefall, a helicopter crash and an SUV that topples a pedestrian.

When you see the footage, it is hard to believe anyone survived

But they did, and some would call it a miracle

And behind each of these stories is an unexpected scientific explanation. 

The Indestructibles explores mind-blowing, catastrophic events that seemingly should have ended in death but left survivors wondering how they could possibly still be alive.


  • The Indestructibles: Electrocuted Skydiver
    Watch life flash before your eyes in these miraculous survival stories, featuring death-defying footage of some truly astonishing accidents.
  • The Indestructibles: High-Speed Bike Crash
    French stunt ride Eric 'The Red Baron' Barone is no stranger to danger. Find out how he survived a staggering 170kph smash.
  • The Indestructibles: Baby Car Crash
    The story of how heroic dad Andrew Lynch escaped a horrific crash with his baby unharmed in his arms.
  • The Indestructibles: Flying Car Crash
    Revealing how Brennan Eden somehow managed to escape death when his car took flight and crashed at terrifying speed.
  • The Indestructibles: Mauled By Lions
    It was part of the job to feed the lions for zookeeper Bob Bennet – until the dangerous animals tried to take his life with their paws and jaws.
  • The Indestructibles: Lost At Sea
    Hugh Alexander feared the worst when he was pounded by six-metre waves in a deadly volcanic cliff in Hawaii. How did he survive?
  • The Indestructibles: Seven Minutes Under Water
    When Roy Baird's kayak capsized, his friends thought he was dead. Now Roy searches for answers to how he survived the unsurvivable.