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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


    • Helicopter Crash show

      Helicopter Crash

      Over Manhattan, a news helicopter has a terrible malfunction.

    • Collision Catastrophe show

      Collision Catastrophe

      Two cars and a pedestrian collide in this catastrophe at an intersection.

    • Electrocuted Skydiver show

      Electrocuted Skydiver

      They jumped out of a plane 13,000 ft above the ground…what happened next was a shocking result of a living nightmare.

    • Under Water show

      Under Water

      A pleasant day at the river turned into a nightmare in deadly currents.

    • High Speed Bike Crash show

      High Speed Bike Crash

      A world champion races down a volcano in a deadly downhill ride.

    • Flying Car Crash show

      Flying Car Crash

      These three drivers were heading for a shocking spectacle…

    • Lost At Sea show

      Lost At Sea

      See what happened when a monster wave struck the paradise sea in Hawaii.

    • Lion Attack show

      Lion Attack

      A zookeeper is attacked by two lions during feeding time.

    • Deadly Skydiving Accident show

      Deadly Skydiving Accident

      It’s a deadly accident when this skydiver’s parachute doesn’t open properly.

    • Crash Breakdown show

      Crash Breakdown

      An 81 year old driver loses control and crashes into a storefront window.