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    • A Newborn Star show

      A Newborn Star

      Beginning nearly five billion years ago, there is no sign of our beautiful blue planet in the solar system.

    • The Intruder show

      The Intruder

      A young planet called Theia heads straight for the Earth twenty times faster than a bullet.

    • Volcanoes show


      When big amounts of heat escape from the Earth’s molten core, the activity spawns loads of volcanoes.

    • Wiwaxia show


      Life in the oceans is blossoming, from microscopic bacteria to huge sea monsters such as the Anomolacaris.

    • A Successful Species show

      A Successful Species

      Dinosaurs survived volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. But nothing on the planet is invincible.

    • Begin with a bang! show

      Begin with a bang!

      The Story of Earth promo, a two-hour special on National Geographic Channel.