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  • New series Fridays at 9:00PM

    • Which Doctor? show

      Which Doctor?

      Which doctor's cure would you trust? Find out as this series investigates extreme medical practices.

    • Snake Soup show

      Snake Soup

      Snake blood and bile are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

    • Penis Wine show

      Penis Wine

      Are there genuine medical benefits to potions like three-penis wine?

    • Termite Nest show

      Termite Nest

      Can termites repair a patient’s lung just like they repair nests?

    • Cow Urine Cocktail show

      Cow Urine Cocktail

      Is a glass full of cow pee packed full of medicinal nutrients?

    • Swallow a Beating Heart show

      Swallow a Beating Heart

      Her treatment is to swallow a beating chicken’s heart.

    • Goat Blood Cleanse show

      Goat Blood Cleanse

      The patients must bathe in fresh goat’s blood.

    • Nose Wash show

      Nose Wash

      Warm salt water and rubber pipes are just two of the treatments tested by the patients.

    • Hallucinogenic Healing show

      Hallucinogenic Healing

      Join our volunteer patients in Peru as they uncover the secrets behind ‘Hallucinogenic Healing’.