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In an area of South African wilderness known as Tiger Canyons, one man has been hand-rearing some of nature's most ferocious creatures. But, rather than raise the continent's native hunters, John Varty has opted to give Asia's apex predator a helping hand.

Tiger Man: The Mating Game
It's an important time for John, as he introduces new arrivals Seatao and Shadow to original tigers Ron and Julie in the hope that they will mate. Mesmerising footage reveals the cats' violent mating rituals, and follows the subsequent pregnancies up to the moment of birth.

Tiger Man: Baby Steps
After the exciting birth of the cubs, John reveals that the hard part has only just begun. Following the cubs during their first days, he makes the sobering discovery that their lives can be cut cruelly short. Later he faces a tough decision - to save lives or to let nature run its course.

Tiger Man: Growing Pains

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