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  • Monday 15 June at 4:00PM
  • National Geographic Channel


Go from the runway to the inside lining of passenger suitcases with your all-access pass to Dubai International Airport one of the busiest hubs on the planet.

90,000 staff members work around the clock to safely and speedily transport, on average, 182,000 passengers each day to their desired destinations.

It’s a well-oiled machine, but nothing’s perfect.

After the huge success of the first series, Ultimate Airport Dubai is back with a brand new second season.

There are more planes to service, stressful situations for staff to deal with, smugglers to stop, and colossal engineering projects to complete.

Expect shocking situations, unexplainable events and incredible incidents in Ultimate Airport Dubai Wednesdays at 9PM.


  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 1
    A passenger jet comes into the Aircraft Appearance Centre to get a makeover. The airport’s double runway overhaul is unveiled.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 1
    Customs officers find a multi-million dollar haul of heroin; live snakes are found in a passenger’s luggage, and an emergency landing is made.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 2
    Fire-fighters rush to the aid of a 777 full of passengers, plus a man loses his son in the world’s biggest airport terminal.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 3
    A new plane park has been created to house 20 Boeing 777s that will be out of service during the airport’s billion-dollar runway upgrade project.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 4
    Customs find crystal meth in the luggage of a passenger from Ghana and a pigeon delays an Emirates flight at Manchester.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 5
    The Airport Services Manager deals with passengers getting connections to Australia. They must depart on time, or the flights cannot land.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 6
    A fault on an incoming flight threatens to close the airport, and with hours to go before re-opening, a refurbished runway is far from complete.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 7
    Emirates Airlines bring in an Airbus A380 for a thorough maintenance check. Mel encounters a passenger travelling with a fake passport.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 8
    Customs discover a passenger’s shirts contain cocaine and missing luggage containers mean a flight leaves without half of its bags.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 9
    Customs are suspicious of a man carrying uncut diamonds in his luggage and a cargo of racehorses from France poses a logistical challenge.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 10
    A passenger jet comes into the Aircraft Appearance Centre to get a makeover. The airport’s double runway overhaul is unveiled.



  • Busted photo


    Customs Officer Hassan deals with some passengers who might be carrying illegal items.

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