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  • How long will the eruption last? show

    How long will the eruption last?

    Scientist explains how hard it is to predict how long the eruption will last.

  • Saving our Planet show

    Saving our Planet

    See how Governments and scientists are developing special projects to control nature and save Earth!

  • Gold Rush Fever show

    Gold Rush Fever

    Experience gold rush fever as Tony Robinson unearths the bling that lurks in Britain's rocks.

  • Predaor Weapons show

    Predaor Weapons

    Ranging from chemical warfare to sonic power, see the most efficient animal killing machines on Earth.

  • Blood Drinkers show

    Blood Drinkers

    Follow the clues to unearth the truth about 'undead' corpses found in recent years...

  • Fire Hazard show

    Fire Hazard

    Things heat up at the Billie Swamp Safari...

  • Buffalo Bomb show

    Buffalo Bomb

    After the construction crew leave a gate open, Billie finds buffalo poo in the visitors area of the safari. He instructs his te...

  • Cheetah show


    Find out if the Cheetah is the Perfect Beast.

  • Philosoher's Stone show

    Philosoher's Stone

    Video of the Philosopher's Stone episode from the Ancient X Files series on National Geographic Channel.

  • Secretary of State show

    Secretary of State

    Step inside Hillary Clinton's world as she travels the globe negotiating on behalf of the USA.

  • Chimp Breakout show

    Chimp Breakout

    Witness the stand-off between local cops and a cheeky chimp.

  • Tools Of Survival show

    Tools Of Survival

    Nature's deadliest weapons are forged in blood.

  • Pink River Dolphin show

    Pink River Dolphin

    No one is sure why these dolphins are pink and why they live hundreds of miles from the ocean.

  • Taking A Bite Out Of Crime show

    Taking A Bite Out Of Crime

    Sometimes things go to plan and nobody gets hurt. Jerry call this "a great, great takedown", but not every operation goes smothly.

  • Guns & Dog Biscuits show

    Guns & Dog Biscuits

    During a mid-night snack, it's not the crime that interupts the team's meal, its Geoff's hygiene issues.

  • Abducted in Arizona Teaser show

    Abducted in Arizona Teaser

    The team heads to Arizona to investigate one of the most famous sightings in history.

  • Parole show


    It's parole time and a victim's killer shows remorse for her actions.

  • Ready for Doomsday? show

    Ready for Doomsday?

    Delve into the lives of people from all over the country, young and old, as they prepare themselves for doomsday.

  • Flying Blind show

    Flying Blind

    A state-of-the-art passenger jet careers out of control for 30 minutes then crashes into the Pacific Ocean.

  • Scrap Heap show

    Scrap Heap

    Dick and Jem have come to this scrap heap to collect an old vehicle to recycle.