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National Geographic Channel


  • Scabies show


    Mike gets under the skin of scabies in Mumbai, one of the largest cities on the planet.

  • Space Shuttle Boosters show

    Space Shuttle Boosters

    Follow technicians and engineers as they recover and re-assemble Solid Rocket Boosters.

  • Yankee Stadium show

    Yankee Stadium

    The salvage crews gentle dismantle the Bronx-based baseball shrine piece by piece.

  • Yellowstone Battleground show

    Yellowstone Battleground

    See the story of two apex predators of Yellowstone as they once again meet head-to-head vying to emerge on top.

  • Noel 'Razor' Smith, part 2 show

    Noel 'Razor' Smith, part 2

    Part 2 of an exclusive interview with ex armed robber Noel 'Razor' Smith.

  • Clifton Suspension Bridge show

    Clifton Suspension Bridge

    Brunel won a competition to design Clifton Suspension Bridge.

  • Book of Exodus show

    Book of Exodus

    Book of Exodus

  • Diving the Bahamas show

    Diving the Bahamas

    A window to the past

  • New kind of war show

    New kind of war

    The Marines face a new kind of war.

  • Episode 1 show

    Episode 1

    Highlights from episode 1 of Monkey Life.

  • Anchorage Undercover show

    Anchorage Undercover

    In Alaska's biggest city, Troopers and Anchorage police team up to take down street dealers.

  • Food Thieves show

    Food Thieves

    Someone is looking off into the distance and only needs to hear the rustle of a plastic bag to appear.

  • Ex-Mayor Giuliani show

    Ex-Mayor Giuliani

    Footage that gives you an ultimate and insightful guide to Giuliani's role on the date America came under attack - Commanding 9...

  • Threats show


    See how human activity has ruined our coastline.

  • Rise of the Gangster show

    Rise of the Gangster

    Video showing five extraordinary moments when gangsters made history. Part of the Making History series on National Geographic ...

  • History's Worst Tyrant? show

    History's Worst Tyrant?

    Hitler: Rise & Fall promo, part of the Making History series on National Geographic Channel.

  • How to Film Insects show

    How to Film Insects

    Martin talks about filming in the jungle with delicate equipment.

  • Race To Survive show

    Race To Survive

    Race To Survive footage follows some of the trillions of creatures which migrate to feed, breed and stay alive. Part of the bra...

  • Fear show


    "The fear is always there, especially at night when you can't see what's coming at you."

  • Red Spot show

    Red Spot

    Jupiter's Red Spot is a mystery. Was it caused by a giant storm that has been raging for at least 300 years?