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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Family Dinner show

    Family Dinner

    Never a dull moment with the Johns family.

  • Air Force Close Encounters show

    Air Force Close Encounters

    When an Italian air force pilot has a showdown with a strange craft, the authorities let the story go public.

  • The Orion Project show

    The Orion Project

    Continuing experimentation with nuclear bombs could be the solution to travelling at the speed of light.

  • Apocalypse Theories show

    Apocalypse Theories

    Author Brooks Agnew puts forth some apocalyptic theories from Mayans to radio waves.

  • Kayla Saves the Day show

    Kayla Saves the Day

    After Jeff drops a boulder into the wash plant, his wife Kayla springs into action.

  • Finding Nuggets show

    Finding Nuggets

    The Reeves kids find a few decent sized gold nuggets in a sample of land slated for road building.

  • Savannah's Notorious Killers show

    Savannah's Notorious Killers

    Two male lions go after a cheetah mom’s cubs. Not all of the cheetah family escapes.

  • Photographic Suspicions show

    Photographic Suspicions

    A picture speaks a thousand words… Or in this case, thousands of dollars.

  • Life on the Line show

    Life on the Line

    Tow Dog Justin arrives on a blizzardy scene to find an overturned car and himself in danger’s way.

  • AIDS Activist Ryan White show

    AIDS Activist Ryan White

    When drug addiction swept from the lower classes into the upper classes, ad campaigns sprung into action.

  • A Little Dab of Cologne show

    A Little Dab of Cologne

    The guys dig for Colonial era treasure and find a King George coin.

  • Where's Your Treasure John Lafitte? show

    Where's Your Treasure John Lafitte?

    Tim & KG are on the bayou searching for pirate’s treasure.

  • Glorieta Pass show

    Glorieta Pass

    The guys search for artifacts along a historic pass in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

  • Cycling High show

    Cycling High

    Go inside the science and scheming of Lance Armstrong’s legendary fall from grace.

  • Meet Marty Raney show

    Meet Marty Raney

    Mountain man Marty Raney is looking forward to exploring places where no man has gone before.

  • What does it take to survive wild Alaska? show

    What does it take to survive wild Alaska?

    This series isn't for wimps! Find out what it takes to survive the wilderness of Alaska.

  • Glacial Terror show

    Glacial Terror

    The Military team hikes over a glacier, and their newest member learns the importance of crampons.

  • Wet and Wild show

    Wet and Wild

    Lower 48 take a risky stab at repelling down a waterfall in hopes of garnishing a win.

  • Hot Shot Kevin show

    Hot Shot Kevin

    Can the anglers catch up to "Hot Shot Kevin?"

  • A Jerk in the Winner’s Circle show

    A Jerk in the Winner’s Circle

    When it comes to some aspects of dating being a jerk has its advantages.