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There’s trouble at Lilley Brook Golf Course in the Cotswolds. Locals have reported sightings of big cats prowling the grounds of Iford Manor in Wiltshire. In Texas there are stories around about a hairless, blue-eyed creature that the residents believe is the mythical chupacabra.

In Wild Scene Investigation, join three animal investigators to examine and solve puzzling cases from the UK and around the world. 

From haunted forests in Wales to weird crime sprees in California, there isn’t a single wildlife mystery that’s too obscure for them!


  • Wild Scene Investigation: Ghost On The Green
    Armed with camera traps and other gadgets, the team target the mysterious animal vandals digging up an English golf course.
  • Wild Scene Investigation: Monster Of The Manor
    The team try to unravel the truth behind the strange black beast of Iford Manor. Is there a maneater loose in a quaint English village?
  • Wild Scene Investigation: Haunted Forest
    Could a coastal forest in Wales be haunted by dead wreckers, or is the local wildlife just coming out at night? The gadget-laden team find out.
  • Wild Scene Investigation: Goat Sucking Ghoul
    The team check out a mythical beast in Texas. Is the chupacabra a bizarre blue-eyed hairless dog, or are locals misidentifying mangy coyotes?
  • Wild Scene Investigation: Crooks In The Canyon
    Why are unlikely objects being stolen in southern California? Jewellery, dog combs, baking trays and even socks have all been going missing.
  • Wild Scene Investigation: Attic Demons
    Mysterious noises in their roofs are spooking the residents of Raleigh – but why has nobody been able to catch the intruders?
  • Wild Scene Investigation: Killer Cat Thief
    Domestic cats are going missing in Vermont, and the locals blame it on a member of the weasel family called a fisher.
  • Wild Scene Investigation: Dog Snatcher
    Dozens of small dogs have disappeared in a Chicago suburb, and residents worry that their children will be next.