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    • Haunted Forest show

      Haunted Forest

      Near Pembrey Forest in Wales, the locals are convinced that the forest is haunted.

    • Goat Sucking Ghoul show

      Goat Sucking Ghoul

      The WSI team heads to Texas to investigate stories of a bald, blue-eyed creature that locals believe is a mythical chupacabra.

    • Crooks In The Canyon show

      Crooks In The Canyon

      The WSI team is on the case when a string of baffling burglaries hits a town in Carlifornia, with baking trays, socks and other...

    • Attic Demons show

      Attic Demons

      Strange bumps and thumps on the roof are keeping the residents of Raleigh, North Carolina awake. Can the WSI team catch the cul...

    • Killer Cat Thief show

      Killer Cat Thief

      The team is on the case to find out what's causing strange bumps and thumps in the night.

    • Creepy Noises show

      Creepy Noises

      After hearing ghost stories one of our investigators is left alone for the night to crack another case…see how he reacts when...