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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild

  • Saturday 25 April at 8:00PM
  • Nat Geo Wild


This is the incredible true story of a little girl’s kidnap, her five year survival alone in the jungle…and the monkeys who saved her.

A unique journey from feral child to modern day Grandma now living happily in Bradford, England.

Marina Chapman doesn’t know her real name or her biological family.

She claims that as a child in Colombia she was abducted and abandoned in the jungle, and that she survived by living alone with monkeys for five years.

Now, fifty years later, Marina is returning to Colombia with her daughter to try and uncover the truth.

Scientists will analyse her bones, test her subconscious responses, examine the inner workings of her mind and a leading primatologist will try and pick holes in her knowledge of monkeys and their behaviour.

Who were her real family? Why was she kidnapped? Could a five year old girl really survive in the jungle so long in the company of monkeys? Is Marina Chapman a fantasist? Or was she truly raised by monkeys?

What the journey uncovers is incredible. But do the experts give her the answers she’s been searching for? Or will they shoot her story down in flames?

Find out in the Woman Raised By Monkeys.


  • Woman Raised By Monkeys
    The epic story of four-year-old Marina, who was raised by monkeys after being kidnapped and abandoned in Colombia.
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