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How can a holiday suddenly turn into a horrific nine-day struggle for survival?

Told through interviews and dramatic reconstructions, follow the story of the San Francisco family, the Kims, whose lives were endangered by something as simple as bad navigation.

In November 2006, Kati Kim, her husband James and their children, four-year-old Penelope and seven-month-old Sabine, were returning from a winter break when they took a wrong turn on a mountain road.

Making the small, but catastrophic, decision to find an alternative route, this young family were quickly plunged into danger.

With snow beginning to fall, they soon found themselves driving along a remote logging road deep into the frozen wilderness.

Completely lost, with no mobile phone coverage and very little food, the lives of the Kims were now hanging in the balance.

After seven days in freezing conditions and the children beginning ...

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