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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Third Reich Secrets show

    Third Reich Secrets

    Get ready to be surprised as this series explores some Nazi mysteries, including Hitler’s family secrets, women and his...

  • Sky High show

    Sky High

    Iron workers risked their lives building in the sky without helmets or safety lines.

  • Tower One show

    Tower One

    New Yorkers rebuild the fallen tower and make it as strong as a fortress.

  • Exploring the Unknown show

    Exploring the Unknown

    Cameras catch never-before-seen rock formations, lava vents, and unusual species that call the ocean-bottom home.

  • Exclusive Factories show

    Exclusive Factories

    Step inside the factories of some of the world’s most exotic, rare and fast automobiles.

  • Close Encounters show

    Close Encounters

    A selection of stories featuring encounters and sightings of the unexplained.

  • Meet the Team show

    Meet the Team

    These guys venture into spooky basements and structurally unsound buildings to find valuables that can be refurbished and resold.

  • Mankind’s Last Days show

    Mankind’s Last Days

    Are we approaching the end of human existence? Scientists look at the possible threats.

  • Devoted Apostles show

    Devoted Apostles

    A group of 12 common men sacrificed everything to spread Jesus' message.

  • Meet the JFK Officers show

    Meet the JFK Officers

    Officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement crack down on smugglers.

  • Deadly Roads show

    Deadly Roads

    Once the snow hits, tow truck drivers start their work.

  • Largest Human Gathering show

    Largest Human Gathering

    Photos from the largest gathering of humans in one place, at one time, on earth.

  • Executions WIP show

    Executions WIP

  • Monsters WIP show

    Monsters WIP

  • Frozen Paradises show

    Frozen Paradises

    A daring camera crew capture stunning glacier photos.

  • Mafia Business show

    Mafia Business

    Dramatically re-enacted moments of the American mobster lifestyle from the 1970’s.

  • Meet the Prospectors show

    Meet the Prospectors

    The men and women who spend their days prospecting high up in the mountains searching for gems.

  • Getting Prepped show

    Getting Prepped

    The Brunses family are tested both in their commitment to building the castle and their ability to survive.

  • Nazi Creations show

    Nazi Creations

    Nazi ideas, massive undertakings and the men that were part of those mega structure creations.

  • Snakes in Church show

    Snakes in Church

    The church is alive with poisonous snakes as Jamie and Andrew practice a 100-year-old snake handling tradition.