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  • Getting Prepped show

    Getting Prepped

    The Brunses family are tested both in their commitment to building the castle and their ability to survive.

  • Historical Kennedy Moments show

    Historical Kennedy Moments

    Real life images captured of President Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy meeting the public.

  • Gathering Snakes show

    Gathering Snakes

    Pastors Jamie Coots and Andrew Hamblin are out in the hills of the Appalachia gathering snakes.

  • Wild Weather show

    Wild Weather

    Images showing calm and wild weather from various locations around the world.

  • Natural Disaster Investigators show

    Natural Disaster Investigators

    The members of the team that are investigating and re-constructing the world’s top 10 natural disasters.

  • Melting It Down show

    Melting It Down

    A look at the different types of precious metals and objects the teams find along the way.

  • Livingstone’s Last Words show

    Livingstone’s Last Words

    The team looks at the last pages of Dr. Livingstone’s diary in an attempt to reveal his final thoughts.

  • Mandela's Life show

    Mandela's Life

    Photos of Nelson Mandela - a symbol of determination, dedication and the struggle for racial equality.

  • Cabin Kings show

    Cabin Kings

    Meet the men behind these amazing construction designs.

  • Magnificent Tigresses show

    Magnificent Tigresses

    Follow the journey of two tiger sisters, one with a litter of three cubs.

  • Clever Inventions show

    Clever Inventions

    See the inventors and their creations in action, while they put them on test, one against another.

  • Deadly Animal Gladiators show

    Deadly Animal Gladiators

    Hippos and crocs battle to survive in the same habitat.

  • Amazing Dr. Oakley show

    Amazing Dr. Oakley

    Animals big or small, Dr. Michelle Oakley will be there to help who needs her.

  • Underground City show

    Underground City

    Take a look at one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world.

  • Alpha Female Wolf show

    Alpha Female Wolf

    See pictures of this magnificent she-wolf and her daily fight for surviving.

  • Killer Waves show

    Killer Waves

    Scientists investigating to discover where and when the next big tsunami could strike, and how destructive it will be.

  • Tiny Terror show

    Tiny Terror

    Follow this extraordinary animal while facing many dangers.

  • Keep your Eyes Peeled! show

    Keep your Eyes Peeled!

    It’s time to get to know your neighbors a little bit better… the ones that keep stealing your trash in the night.

  • Gorgeous Gardens show

    Gorgeous Gardens

    Stunning photographs revealing the vibrant colours of autumn and winter in these lovely gardens.

  • Evolution of the Big Cats show

    Evolution of the Big Cats

    How do you imagine that the felines will be in the future? Take a look at these images and get an idea.