National Geographic Channel


  • Treasure Hunt show

    Treasure Hunt

    Meet the Danley Demo crew in their "demolisher" daily routine.

  • Winner show


    The winning Photo of the competition by Noor Khamis

  • Welcome to Harmony show

    Welcome to Harmony

    Take a look of some of peculiar activities inside this community.

  • Gruesome History show

    Gruesome History

    Sort the fact from the myth and discover the truth behind some of Europe’s bloodiest historical stories.

  • Creative Cocaine Smugglers show

    Creative Cocaine Smugglers

    People go to extreme measures to smuggle cocaine into the USA.

  • The World in Two Cities show

    The World in Two Cities

  • Going Ape show

    Going Ape

    Captured moments of man making the transformation into ape.

  • Animal Attacks show

    Animal Attacks

    Agonizing moments for these people as they cling to life.

  • Shark Attack Victims show

    Shark Attack Victims

    See the jaw dropping wounds these unfortunate shark attack survivors suffered.

  • Who Can Survive? show

    Who Can Survive?

    Check out the people that battle it out in the Alaskan wilderness.

  • The Team at Comic-Con show

    The Team at Comic-Con

    See the team at Comic-Con for global launch of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

  • Wild Creatures show

    Wild Creatures

    Casey Anderson along pictured alongside some of the wild creatures America has to offer.

  • Penguins Marching show

    Penguins Marching

    Beautiful images are captured of the penguins as they move between locations within Orlando’s Sea World.

  • Disastrous Moments show

    Disastrous Moments

    Re-created moments and on-location scenes of some of the world’s worst natural disaster.

  • Melting It Down show

    Melting It Down

    A look at the different types of precious metals and objects the teams find along the way.

  • Treasure Hunters show

    Treasure Hunters

    Check out the men and women who set out to find the world’s most precious metals in hope of earning a fortune.

  • Behind The Camera show

    Behind The Camera

    The men and women behind the scenes who bring you these amazing moments from the Western Isles of Scotland.

  • Tracking Cougars show

    Tracking Cougars

    Check out some behind the scenes action as Boone Smith tracks and locates cougars.

  • Brave Survivors show

    Brave Survivors

    The men and women who survived Flight 1549 after the pilots heroically landed the Airbus A320 in the Hudson River.

  • Plane Damage show

    Plane Damage

    The planes, damage they sustain and the incidents that cause some seriously worrying moments for pilots.