National Geographic Channel


  • Vast Blue Liquid show

    Vast Blue Liquid

    See the mysteries of the oceans that have fascinated mankind for centuries.

  • Devoted Apostles show

    Devoted Apostles

    A group of 12 common men sacrificed everything to spread Jesus' message.

  • High on Drugs show

    High on Drugs

    Drug addicts go through medical and psychological testing to reveal devastating effects.

  • Wild West Antique Hunters show

    Wild West Antique Hunters

    Brit Eaton and Scott Glaves embark on a journey across America on a treasure hunt.

  • Cycling’s Other Side show

    Cycling’s Other Side

    Cycling, anti-doping and one man’s fall from grace.

  • Elite Dog Training show

    Elite Dog Training

    Captured moments of man and dog in training situations.

  • Shark Attack Victims show

    Shark Attack Victims

    See the jaw dropping wounds these unfortunate shark attack survivors suffered.

  • Life on the Water show

    Life on the Water

    Fish are not the only reward as with these beautiful vistas on offer.

  • Street Games show

    Street Games

    Host Jake Porway goes to the streets with experiments and interactive games.

  • Workers from Dubai Airport show

    Workers from Dubai Airport

    Some of the many staff that are working at Dubai airport.

  • The Swamps show

    The Swamps

    The colorful and vast landscapes of the swamplands seen from both high and low.

  • Kennedy Moments show

    Kennedy Moments

    Captured moments from Killing Kennedy before and after that fateful day in November 1963.

  • Kennedys and Oswalds show

    Kennedys and Oswalds

    Check out these images of the Kennedys and the Oswalds from Killing Kennedy.

  • Disastrous Moments show

    Disastrous Moments

    Re-created moments and on-location scenes of some of the world’s worst natural disaster.

  • Melting It Down show

    Melting It Down

    A look at the different types of precious metals and objects the teams find along the way.

  • Slave Traders show

    Slave Traders

    Re-constructed scenes of Dr. Livingstone’s days as he lived alongside slave traders and that brutal slaughter of 400 innocent...

  • Rugged Landscapes show

    Rugged Landscapes

    Stunning images of the landscape and the creatures that inhabit these areas.

  • Exotic Ocean Creatures show

    Exotic Ocean Creatures

    At look at the bizarre and peculiar life that inhabits these extreme ocean depths.

  • Clever Inventions show

    Clever Inventions

    See the inventors and their creations in action, while they put them on test, one against another.

  • Magic Ghosts and Aliens? show

    Magic Ghosts and Aliens?

    With the help of magic, Barry and Stuart make people believe in the extraordinary.