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    • The Myths of Area 51 show

      The Myths of Area 51

      Even the locals of Rachel, Nevada think Area 51 blurs the line between fact and fiction.

    • Tough Test Pilots show

      Tough Test Pilots

      Former Area 51 staff member Albert Wheelon talks about how hard the test planes were on the human body.

    • The Typist show

      The Typist

      Though Area 51 was filled with rocket scientists, not many of them actually knew how to type.

    • Highest Level of Clearance show

      Highest Level of Clearance

      Meet the pilots who were involved in highly secretive missions at Area 51.

    • The U-2 Spy Plane show

      The U-2 Spy Plane

      Fitted in pressure suits, U-2 test pilots were required to fly at unheard of speeds and altitudes.

    • Nondisclosure show


      Being a witness to classified activities in Area 51 could end careers.