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From the Big Bang to the possibility of alien life and deep space travel, scientists expand our understanding of the universe.

Ever wondered what would happen if you were sucked into a black hole? Or, if wormholes could make time travel a reality? And could life on Earth survive a huge meteor strike like the one that took out the dinosaurs?

This series combines the most current scientific information, cutting-edge computer graphics, dramatic time-lapse sequences and everyday examples to shed light on some of the most mind-boggling aspects of our universe.

Sizing Up The Universe
In the known universe, size matters. From the enormity of the galaxy, to the tiny atoms that are the building blocks of everything, the universe is a place of extreme sizes. From the unimaginably big to the incomprehensibly small, explore size in the universe and exactly what it means to us and our understanding of the cosmos.

Blowing Up The Universe

Hidden behind all its serene beauty, the universe is a place of lurking peril, full of powers so immense they defy our comprehension. Take a look at the universe's dark side, a cosmos of impending menace. From earthquakes to hurricanes to massive asteroid impacts and exploding stars, explore its explosive powers and uncover the destructive forces that could be unleashed at any moment.Speeding Through The UniverseIn the cosmos’ vast expanse, nothing matters more than speed. Whether venturing out to the farthest reaches of the solar system or exploring the mysteries of space and time, speed is the key. From the merely quick to the unimaginably fast, explore speed and find out how tremendous velocities reveal a universe stranger and more exotic than ever imagined.


  • Known Universe: Surviving Outer Space
    Explore the effects micro-gravity, solar radiation and other space conditions have on daily human activity, from eating and sleep to sex.
  • Known Universe: Treasure Hunt
    With technology leading us further into space, the hunt for new energy sources and, crucially, water will redefine the very meaning of treasure.
  • Known Universe: Most Powerful Stars
    A look at stars many times the size and power of our Sun, including their properties and life cycle, which includes a violent supernova death.
  • Known Universe: Extreme Space Tech
    Find out how everything from basic household items to our most advanced technologies is being adapted for use in space.
  • Known Universe: Biggest Cosmic Blasts
    Discover the largest eruptions in space, from freezing ice-volcanoes on Saturn's moon Enceladus, to huge subterranean lava tubes on Mars.
  • Known Universe: Construction Zone
    Travel to NASA's tool lab for a look at space construction gear, explore the ultimate cosmic big build, and learn all about engineering in space.
  • Known Universe: Escaping Earth
    Of the hundreds of launches made into space, only a handful have left Earth's gravity. Find out about the challenges of getting off our planet.
  • Known Universe: End Of The World
    An epic tale of cosmic death and rebirth as the cycle of life unfolds on the grandest scale of all.