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First, travel to the little village of Sant’Agata Bologna, Italy, where the “bad boys” of the sports car pantheon are hand-building the fastest Lamborghini ever – the Murcielago SV. Then head north for the royal treatment at the Rolls-Royce factory in England and see why each ultra-luxurious Phantom takes two months to build. Watch how IKEA’s Billy bookcase – 40 million of which have been sold over three decades – comes to be in a matter of minutes at an IKEA factory in Sweden. Shift gears at the Audi factory in Germany and see why the revolutionary R8 road car is forcing Hollywood to change its endings before racing to visit the birthplace of the iconic Porsche 911. Finally, fly south to Brazil where each New York Super Subway car gets over 2,500 welds before it journeys north to New York for assembly and final inspection.


  • Megafactories: Corona
    Explore the mega-brewery in Mexico and discover how the factory operates 24 hours a day to meet the phenomenal demand for its beer.
  • Megafactories: The Lotus Evora
    Join charismatic CEO Dany Bahar in Norfolk, unlikely home of the Lotus megafactory, as he unveils plans for their latest super car: the Evora.
  • Megafactories: Williams F-1
    With unprecedented access to Williams F1’s futuristic development factory, we reveal the ins and outs of the phenomenal FW33 F1 Car.
  • Megafactories: Winnebago
    A 400 square-foot movable mansion that can travel at 75mph. Hit the open road in a Winnebago, America's finest home from home.
  • Megafactories: Porsche Panamera
    Explore the state-of-the-art $200million factory where the controversial four-door Panamera that divided sports car fans worldwide is made.
  • Megafactories: Frito Lay
    A visit to the huge Frito Lay facility, where they get through a million pounds of potatoes a day to make crisps in preparation for 4th July.
  • Megafactories: Tata Nano
    Join Sir Ratan Tata on his mission to make India's roads safer by getting people off motorbikes and into the world's cheapest car: the Tata Nano.


  • Audi photo


    Meet the famous car manufacturer and watch an elegant sedan transform into an amazing sports car.

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    Speed and Luxury

    The R8 is a road car modeled after a champion racecar but there has been no compromise on comfort.

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