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First, travel to the little village of Sant’Agata Bologna, Italy, where the “bad boys” of the sports car pantheon are hand-building the fastest Lamborghini ever – the Murcielago SV. Then head north for the royal treatment at the Rolls-Royce factory in England and see why each ultra-luxurious Phantom takes two months to build. Watch how IKEA’s Billy bookcase – 40 million of which have been sold over three decades – comes to be in a matter of minutes at an IKEA factory in Sweden. Shift gears at the Audi factory in Germany and see why the revolutionary R8 road car is forcing Hollywood to change its endings before racing to visit the birthplace of the iconic Porsche 911. Finally, fly south to Brazil where each New York Super Subway car gets over 2,500 welds before it journeys north to New York for assembly and final inspection.


  • Megafactories: Corona
    Explore the mega-brewery in Mexico and discover how the factory operates 24 hours a day to meet the phenomenal demand for its beer.
  • Megafactories: The Lotus Evora
    Join charismatic CEO Dany Bahar in Norfolk, unlikely home of the Lotus megafactory, as he unveils plans for their latest super car: the Evora.
  • Megafactories: Williams F-1
    With unprecedented access to Williams F1’s futuristic development factory, we reveal the ins and outs of the phenomenal FW33 F1 Car.
  • Megafactories: Winnebago
    A 400 square-foot movable mansion that can travel at 75mph. Hit the open road in a Winnebago, America's finest home from home.
  • Megafactories: Porsche Panamera
    A rare behind-the-scenes look at how Porsche builds the 'Panamera', the company's first four door high performance sports sedan. The Porsche Panamera is pushing the company into uncharted territory. It is the first 4 door, 4 passenger sports sedan Porsche has ever built. Building it is a risk for the company but a risk that appears to be paying off. In April 2010, the Panamera became the best selling Porsche model in the United States.
  • Megafactories: Frito Lay
    Frito Lay goes through a million pounds of potatoes a day to make its variety of chips in preparation for the Fourth of July. Working with potatoes from farms scattered across North America, and using some of the most innovative processes in potato chip production, Frito Lay is a serious competitor in the chip market. Ultimate Factories takes a trip to Perry, Georgia to visit this almost million square foot facility as it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to prepare for one of its busiest times of year.
  • Megafactories: Tata Nano
    Sir Ratan Tata is a man on a mission: to make India's roads safer by getting people off motorbikes and into the world's cheapest car - the Tata Nano. In India it's common to see a family of four ride together on a motorbike. On bad roads in Monsoon rain that's a lethal way to commute. Tata envisages the Nano as a 'people's car' - India's answer to the Model T. But to bring his car to the people he must overcome some formidable challenges. Design issues and skyrocketing costs threaten to blow out the car's $2200 price tag, and violent protests force him to dismantle and shift his 3 billion dollar
  • Megafactories: Eurofighter
    Eurofighter Typhoon is the world's best multi role fighter jet. It's capable of reaching speeds of 2000 kilometers per hour, pulls up to 0 Gs, and it's built to kill. But constructing it piece by piece in 3 different factories across 3 different countries is a mega challenge that only the world's best engineers can overcome. We'll explore how this army of engineers constructs the Typhoon.
  • Megafactories: Ducati
    Tonight we go inside the renowned Italian Ducati motorbike factory and with exclusive access to all areas go behind the scenes to see how Italian designers and engineers built the most sophisticated and technologically advanced motorbike to ever come out of the factory - the Multistrada 1200. The rapid advancement of electronic technology and years of testing on the race track has allowed Ducati designers and engineers to create four bikes in one machine. We learn how engine designers and electronic engineers were able to build a bike which can be transformed from a racing machine to a tourer and an off road bike to a commuter bike all with just a click of a button. One bike designed for all types of roads.
  • Megafactories: Super Chopper
    The hand built AW139 is a state-of-the-art medium class helicopter made near Milan, Italy at the AgustaWestland Factory. Today the plant is thriving but 20 years ago it was struggling to survive. The Berlin Wall had fallen and military orders that had kept the company afloat had dried up. The decision was made to create a new generation of helicopter for the 21st Century: more powerful, faster and more technologically advanced than any before it. Meet the craftsmen who make this 12 million Euro machine a marvel of aviation.
  • Megafactories: Lotus Evora
    In this episode we take the viewer on a fascinating journey into one of the UK's most consistently cutting edge and influential manufacturers of high-performance sports cars: LOTUS. Megafactories is invited inside their facilities in rural Norfolk to see how Dany Bahar - the charismatic new CEO - is implementing an exciting new regime to bring Lotus back to the top of the sports car rankings. We meet Dany Bahar and his new European management team - recruited from big-name companies such as Porsche and Ferrari - who are quickly turning Lotus around. New production methods are giving technicians more responsibility and more contact time with the cars. We see a company keen to produce hand-made, high performance vehicles without the need for automation. The latest model being produced at Lotus is the Lotus Evora, a car so elegantly designed that even when standing still it communicates speed and athleticism. Capable of sprinting from 0-60 in under 5 seconds, it was described by motoring journalists as a 'killer attack dog'.
  • Megafactories: Williams F1
    Megafactories is granted unprecedented access to elite Formula One team Williams F1. Back from their latest race in Europe, the team have a week to get the car in shape at their English HQ before they leave for months away on the other side of the globe. They must improve the aerodynamics and completely repair and rebuild the car at their state-of-the-art facility before they fly away. Cutting edge design and incredible technology need to come together as team race for success.
  • Megafactories: Extreme Rollercoaster
    This 60 metres high thrill ride is only the 5th ever to be constructed. Its adrenaline fuelled tracks speed riders to 100 kph over loops, drops and banks, pushing them to g force limits usually reserved for fighter pilots. Building this mighty machine takes an army of engineers, designers and master technicians. Find out how one of the world's greatest roller coaster factories creates the world's scariest rides.


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