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Dogs eat the darndest things. From fish hooks to spoons, glass to rocks, hear the stories of dogs that have swallowed astonishing things and what it took to save their lives. Through interviews with the owners and Veterinarians plus dramatic recreations, MY DOG ATE WHAT?! brings each story to life. Lola the Labradoodle eats some brownies, but with glass shards instead of the typical walnuts. Ziggy the Boxer-Great Dane mix loves his hot dog toys so much that he decides to eat them. Fred the Labrador-Retriever mix shelter rescue licks up some glue with expansive results. Steve the Shepherd-Husky mix chows down an amazing amount of grease-coated rocks. Energetic Bulldog Kingston sneaks down into the basement and has a mystery snack. And Rottweiler Luciano shakes up his owners when he eats the engagement ring just three weeks before the wedding. Meanwhile, walking through...

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