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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


Breath-taking is how best one can describe Nat Geo Amazing. You will find some of the most amazing moments captured on tape - from death defying rescues on land, air and sea, to predators unexpectedly becoming prey. Meet people who take incredible risks and live to tell the tale. The show will put you face to face with animals who surprise even the experts - and bring you astounding rituals that stretch the phrase "no pain no gain" to the limit. Watch how rescuers race against the clock to save an extreme skier who has fallen more than 600 feet. Find out what happens in Spain when people get in the path of seeing red in the bull ring. Ouch! You may watch in horror as Indian practitioners of Jainism subject themselves to intense pain as their hair is literally ripped out by the handful - - and witness the mighty shark fall prey to the octopus. Stay up close and personal, when a...

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