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  • Paranatural: Doomsday Prophecies
    For years prophets have foretold the end of the world. But is this to keep the myth of prophetic ability alive, or a true paranatural power?
  • Paranatural: Animal Apocalypse
    With more and more species vanishing, scientists try to discover whether these mass animal extinctions are the sign of a planet in distress.
  • Paranatural: Sasquatch Planet
    Bigfoot, Yeti, the Abominable Snowman... What is the large, hair-covered creature that walks upright like a human? And does it really exist?
  • Paranatural: Monsters Of The Deep
    Witnesses around the world claim to have spotted mysterious sea creatures, but are these remnants from the dinosaurs or just mistaken sightings?
  • Paranatural: Crop Circles
    Usually dismissed as hoaxes, thousands of crop circles have been reported around the world. Could they really be messages from another world?
  • Paranatural: Bermuda Triangle
    Find out why scientists are intrigued by a mysterious area hovering just above Earth, with similar properties to the infamous Bermuda Triangle.
  • Paranatural: Life After Life
    What happens when we die? This is one of the most baffling questions known to mankind, and many cultures believe in a 'life after life'.
  • Paranatural: The Haunted
    For centuries, witnesses have reported strange encounters with apparitions, or ghosts. But are they merely figments of wild imaginations?
  • Paranatural: Alien Encounters
    Around the world there have been countless sightings of strange flying objects. Could they be signs that there is life on other planets?
  • Paranatural: Psychic Powers
    Can psychics really help in police and government investigations? Sceptics want them to show evidence to support their claims.