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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


Trace the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual events in the animal kingdom.

An action-packed series examining surprising trends in animal behaviour. Mutant Devils sees a mysterious cancer affecting the Tasmanian Devils. X-Bear, an American hunter shoots what he believes is a polar bear, but is actually an animal of an unknown species. Whale that Blew Up, in Taiwan a dead whale weighing more than 50 tonnes explodes.


  • Predator CSI: Zombie Sealions
    What links a wild sealion who was found 100 miles inland and the real-life feathered frenzy that inspired Hitchcock's classic 'The Birds'?
  • Predator CSI: Slumdog Leopards
    Mumbai is a magnet for stray dogs – and the wild leopards who chase them. But these cats are unpredictable, and humans are falling victim.
  • Predator CSI: The Tragedy Of The Kruger Crocodiles
    In 2008, more than 200 crocodile carcasses were found in South Africa's Kruger National Park. But what killed these most resilient of predators?
  • Predator CSI: Crocodilii din Kruger
    În 2008, peste 200 de crocodili au fost găsiţi morţi în parcul naţional Kruger din Africa de Sud. Ce a ucis aceste animale de pradă rezistente?
  • Predator CSI: Corkscrew Killer
    A collection of mutilated seal corpses on a remote Atlantic island leads scientists to some startling new discoveries about the Greenland shark.