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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Cliffhangers show


    One of the world’s leading gelada baboon experts integrates into a troop of gelada cliffhangers in Ethiopia.Cliffhangers...

  • Chimp Diaries show

    Chimp Diaries

    Follow the touching story of a family of chimpanzees who have been rescued from a Spanish circus.There’s baby Juanito,...

  • Planet Carnivore show

    Planet Carnivore

    We recount the struggle for survival of an African lioness, a great white shark, and a polar bear.This four-part series offers...

  • Relentless Enemies show

    Relentless Enemies

    Amazing photography captures the bloody battle for survival between Botswana’s lions and buffalos.It is a spectacle few have...

  • Insects From Hell show

    Insects From Hell

    Gain a new perspective on the scary world of the scuttling, venom-filled creatures that inhabit our nightmares.Jake Willers is...

  • Dangerous Encounters show

    Dangerous Encounters

    Backyard beasts and Dr. Brady Barr are like brothers in harm. Barr's dangerous encounters have taken him around the globe to...

  • Eye Of The Leopard show

    Eye Of The Leopard

    Get an intimate look at a leopard and the world she lives in.One of nature’s most extraordinary cats can still be found deep...

  • Gorilla Murders show

    Gorilla Murders

    In July 2007, six rare mountain gorillas were senselessly shot in Virunga National Park.Only an estimated 720 of these...

  • Living With Big Cats show

    Living With Big Cats

    Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert forge a relationship with a week-old leopard in Africa.Dereck and Beverly Joubert are...

  • Brilliant Beasts show

    Brilliant Beasts

    Discover three species of animal that have evolved into some of the world’s smartest animals. How do dogs know when their...

  • Street Monkeys show

    Street Monkeys

    Follow Vervet monkeys as they screech and bite their way to the top of the monkey pyramid in this real life monkey soap...

  • The Real Serengeti show

    The Real Serengeti

    Wildebeest, zebras and gazelles begin their perilous migration for food and water.The Real Serengeti follows wildebeest,...

  • Built For The Kill show

    Built For The Kill

    See how the world’s animals and insects have evolved into cunning killers.From the jungle's big cats to the garden spider,...

  • Hunter Hunted show

    Hunter Hunted

    Experts uncover the brutal chain of events that led to humans being killed by wild animals on Hunter Hunted.Something is...

  • Fishzilla show


    It's got teeth like a shark, a taste for blood, and it even walks on land.

  • When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs show

    When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs

    Join scientists, experts and artists as they re-create a forgotten world...when crocs ate dinos for snacks!Some hundred...

  • Baby Mammoth: Frozen In Time show

    Baby Mammoth: Frozen In Time

    A unique story on the discovery of a perfectly preserved baby woolly mammoth found in May 2007.Cutting edge science and Arctic...

  • Bonecrusher Queens show

    Bonecrusher Queens

    A captivating look at the female-dominated hierarchy of the spotted hyena society at Zambia's Liuwa Plain.On Zambia’s Liuwa...

  • Caught on Safari: Live! show

    Caught on Safari: Live!

    Get up close and personal with wildlife at Singita’s game reserve in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.Experience the...

  • Monkey Thieves show

    Monkey Thieves

    Revered as descendents of the Hindu monkey God, the rhesus macaques of Jaipur, India, enjoy a highly privileged status. But,...