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  • Alaska State Troopers show

    Alaska State Troopers

    Wild terrain, sub-zero temperatures and deadly wildlife; experience law enforcement, Alaska-style with brand new episodes of...

  • Inside: Pickpocket King show

    Inside: Pickpocket King

    Bob Arno wows audiences with his pickpocketing show in Las Vegas. The self-proclaimed Pickpocket King, he says has never met...

  • History's Secrets: Vanished From Alcatraz show

    History's Secrets: Vanished From Alcatraz

    Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes have got nothing on National Geographic's US Marshals show that reveals fascinating untold...

  • Alpha Dogs show

    Alpha Dogs

    Alpha Dogs follows Ken Licklider and his trainers, as they work tirelessly to produce working dogs for police and military...

  • Wild Congo show

    Wild Congo

    The Congo: more powerful and dangerous than any other river, yet a sanctuary and home for some of the most wonderful creatures...

  • Animals Gone Wild show

    Animals Gone Wild

    From the heart stopping to the simply outrageous we bring you the most jaw dropping moments in Animals Gone Wild. It’s the...

  • Kingdom of The Apes show

    Kingdom of The Apes

    Deep in the disappearing jungles of Africa, the secrets of the most mesmerizing and endangered creatures on this planet are...

  • Access 360° World Heritage show

    Access 360° World Heritage

    The ancient castles and cathedrals of Prague draw millions of tourists every year… and beneath the city is a hidden...

  • I Didn't Know That show

    I Didn't Know That

    Industrial scientists Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips find extraordinary facts behind ordinary everyday objects.

  • Warplanes show


    From the bi-planes of World War I to the hi-tech attack planes of today, this is a comprehensive history of the warplane.The...

  • Alaska Fish Wars II show

    Alaska Fish Wars II

    Enter the brutal world of Alaska's commercial fishing industry, where rival crews battle the elements to bring in their...

  • Breaking Up The Biggest 4 show

    Breaking Up The Biggest 4

    Hard hats on and wrecking balls at the ready for the smashing premiere of Breaking Up the Biggest, Wednesdays at 9pm from...

  • Inside: The Tiger Trade show

    Inside: The Tiger Trade

    It’s estimated that a century ago there were over 100,000 tigers in the world. Today the population has dwindled to between...

  • My 9/11 show

    My 9/11

    Revisit September 11 with a collection of powerful, immersive stories of people who were intricately associated with and...

  • The Incredible Dr. Pol 2 show

    The Incredible Dr. Pol 2

    Follow the life and career of Dr. Jan Pol. Set in Central Michigan's farm country, Dr. Pol, along with his wife Diane, own and...

  • Elephant Wars show

    Elephant Wars

    The mother of all battles takes place in Mozambique. In Africa, peace doesn’t come easy - for man or beast. In the...

  • Super Pride show

    Super Pride

    The Serengeti in northern Tanzania is one of the world’s last great wildlife refuges, teeming with crocs,...

  • Cocaine Wars show

    Cocaine Wars

    South of the border, teams of DEA Agents serve on the frontlines of the world’s most dangerous cat and mouse game. From the...

  • Giant Pandas show

    Giant Pandas

    Pandas are on the brink of extinction. Years of habitat destruction and human encroachment have caused numbers in the wild to...

  • The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone show

    The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone

    David Livingstone is the British missionary whose exploration into the 'dark heart' of Central Africa turned him into a...