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  • Fishzilla show


    It's got teeth like a shark, a taste for blood, and it even walks on land.

  • Shark Nicole show

    Shark Nicole

    Journey into an ocean of mystery and danger as Shark Nicole embarks on an astonishing migration.The great white shark is one...

  • Bite Me! show

    Bite Me!

    A four-part series travels the globe to show travellers what not to do with tiny creatures that pack a hefty punch.Whether it...

  • 2012: The Final Prophecy show

    2012: The Final Prophecy

    What if the Maya were right about the end of humanity as we know it? Would fire pour from the sky, buildings shatter, floods...

  • The Pack show

    The Pack

    Examine the tactics used by a pride of South African lions in The Pack. See how they hunt three distinct prey animals in the...

  • Paranatural show



  • Pirate Patrol show

    Pirate Patrol

    Climb on board the Australian warship HMAS Toowoomba as it patrols the troubled waters of the Persian Gulf. In an area of...

  • Jurassic CSI show

    Jurassic CSI

    In Jurassic CSI, dino detective Dr. Phil Manning launches a full-scale investigation to unearth how dinosaurs really looked...

  • Obama’s White House show

    Obama’s White House

      President Barack Obama, America’s first black leader and iconic figure, is probably the most photographed leader in the...

  • Bible Mysteries show

    Bible Mysteries

    For decades, theories and controversies have swirled around the question of the true origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls – one of...

  • The Egyptian Job show

    The Egyptian Job

    How did a band of villains manage to break into and rob an Egyptian pyramid 3,700 years ago? The audacious raid on King...

  • Bears Of The Last Frontier show

    Bears Of The Last Frontier

    In Bears Of The Last Frontier, get up close and personal with one of Alaska's most feared creatures.Alaska is one of the last...

  • Bear Nomad show

    Bear Nomad

    Brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime as bear researcher, adventurer and conservation ecologist Chris Morgan takes us on...

  • JFK: The Lost Bullet show

    JFK: The Lost Bullet

    It's been called the most important piece of film evidence of all time.Locked away in the vaults of the National Archives, the...

  • Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron show

    Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron

    Join James Cameron and some of the world's foremost Titanic experts in the ultimate forensic investigation into the most...

  • America The Wild III show

    America The Wild III

    Casey Anderson was born to be wild. Season three of America the Wild features the award winning presenter Casey in a series of...

  • James Cameron: Voyage to the Bottom of the Earth show

    James Cameron: Voyage to the Bottom of the Earth

    Plunging to the virtually unknown depths of the Mariana Trench, James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition takes this...

  • The Woman Who Wasn't There show

    The Woman Who Wasn't There

    What if the most famous 9/11 survivor wasn’t a survivor at all? Exclusive interviews with Tania Head, shot before her story...

  • Lost Face of the Bible show

    Lost Face of the Bible

    Christmas season comes alive as National Geographic Channel brings viewers programming that is in-line with the holiday...

  • The Unlikely Leopard show

    The Unlikely Leopard

    This is a coming-of-age story about Dikeledi, a somewhat clumsy male leopard struggling to get the hang of, well, being a...