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  • Drain the Great Lakes show

    Drain the Great Lakes

    David Bowie once sang of life in the Underground. He was singing about goblins. Imagine life underneath some of the world's...

  • Street Heat show

    Street Heat

    This adrenaline-fueled, one-hour special takes viewers to the streets of Kent, Washington where Fast and the Furious style...

  • Freaks and Creeps  show

    Freaks and Creeps

    Man’s best friend is undoubtedly a dog and some people like to domesticate felines. Not Lucy Cooke, she has a penchant for...

  • The World in Two Cities show

    The World in Two Cities

    The World in Two Cities follows Andrew Evans, National Geographic’s Digital Explorer, travelling through South Africa, a...

  • JFK: The Final Hours show

    JFK: The Final Hours

    Take a bird’s eye view into a historical nexus point -- a forensic examination of the 24 hours leading to Dealey Plaza and...

  • The Lion Whisperer show

    The Lion Whisperer

    He’s been living surrounded by domesticated lions for years. Kevin lies down with them, pets them, takes care of them and...

  • D-Day Sacrifice show

    D-Day Sacrifice

    Comprised entirely of re-mastered and colorized archive footage from WW2, much of it never before seen, “D-Day Sacrifice”...

  • Ultimate Honey Badger show

    Ultimate Honey Badger

    Drop into the secret life of the honey badger as “Badgie” learns how to face the wilds of Africa alone. Join her at ground...

  • Wild Australia show

    Wild Australia

    Australia – a continent of natural wonders. This four-part series takes you off to the kingdom of the kangaroo and red rocks...

  • The Sinking Of The Belgrano show

    The Sinking Of The Belgrano

    This film offers moving accounts of four sailors from the Belgrano and the Conqueror who go back to the battle scene.At 4pm on...

  • Secret Bible show

    Secret Bible

    Can historical evidence and forensic science shed light on The Holy Grail and The Apocalypse? This week includes a provocative...

  • Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed show

    Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed

    We unlock Egypt's secret chambers to reveal centuries-old mysteries and magic.

  • Ground Warfare show

    Ground Warfare

    Explore the nitty-gritty of ground warfare in an engaging and unpredictable way.From Ancient Egypt to Afghanistan in 2008;...

  • Chimp Diaries show

    Chimp Diaries

    Follow the touching story of a family of chimpanzees who have been rescued from a Spanish circus.There’s baby Juanito,...

  • Bonecrusher Queens show

    Bonecrusher Queens

    A captivating look at the female-dominated hierarchy of the spotted hyena society at Zambia's Liuwa Plain.On Zambia’s Liuwa...

  • Bombing Of Germany show

    Bombing Of Germany

    Bombing of Germany explores the role bombing played in the course of the Second World War. Discover in detail how the British...

  • Jurassic CSI show

    Jurassic CSI

    In Jurassic CSI, dino detective Dr. Phil Manning launches a full-scale investigation to unearth how dinosaurs really looked...

  • Who Sank The Bismarck? show

    Who Sank The Bismarck?

    Hitler's state-of-the-art killing machine the Bismarck was thought to be invincible but, for all the wild claims, it now lies...

  • Nightstalker show


    Unique night vision and thermal cameras penetrate the darkness to reveal Africa's notorious hyenas hunting in their element....

  • Clouded Leopards show

    Clouded Leopards

    A pair of rare clouded leopard cubs are rescued from poachers and raised by conservationists who teach them everything their...