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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Tiger's Revenge show

    Tiger's Revenge

    Tiger’s Revenge is the ultimate reality TV, complete with secret alliances, battle wounds, lost cubs, revenge and a...

  • Wild Australia show

    Wild Australia

    Australia – a continent of natural wonders. This four-part series takes you off to the kingdom of the kangaroo and red rocks...

  • Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall show

    Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall

    David Hasselhoff has a unique link to the Berlin Wall – a massive pop star across Germany, he was invited to perform in...

  • The Last Orangutan Eden show

    The Last Orangutan Eden

    Join ecologist and adventurer Chris Morgan as he enters the secret realm of Asia’s only Great ape – the orangutan. With...

  • Wild Madagascar show

    Wild Madagascar

    250 miles off the eastern coast of Africa, is an island forgotten by time. A place where evolution has taken the familiar and...

  • Planet Mechanics show

    Planet Mechanics

    Follow Dick and Jem as they use ingenuity, resourcefulness and humour to confront eco challenges.

  • Night Stalkers: Jaguar Ambush show

    Night Stalkers: Jaguar Ambush

    Specially developed cameras penetrate the dark jungles of Costa Rica, exposing the secrets of Central America’s pumas, ocelots...

  • Shark of Lost Island show

    Shark of Lost Island

    National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala is on a treacherous journey to Pitcairn Islands in the hopes of turning...

  • Secrets Of show

    Secrets Of

    The most mundane items in your home hide fascinating secrets as this compelling series featuring Adam Hart- Davis explains.The...

  • Killing Hitler show

    Killing Hitler

    Recently declassified documents shed new light on attempts to assassinate Hitler. There were 42 known plots.Adolf Hitler is...

  • Earth Report 2009 show

    Earth Report 2009

    Scientific breakthroughs from 2008 will form the core of this year’s Earth Report.2008 was the International Year of Planet...

  • Expedition Antarctica show

    Expedition Antarctica

    Join a team of marine scientists as they embark on an unprecedented journey across the Great Southern Ocean and beyond to...

  • Inside: The Tiger Trade show

    Inside: The Tiger Trade

    It’s estimated that a century ago there were over 100,000 tigers in the world. Today the population has dwindled to between...

  • Inside: Marijuana show

    Inside: Marijuana

    It is estimated that more than 200 million people around the world smoke it.  Users represent a cross section of society, from...

  • Pack Hunters show

    Pack Hunters

    The Pack examines the tactics used by the planet's predators that join forces with their comrades to hunt and feed in...

  • Lion Warriors show

    Lion Warriors

    On the Great Plains below Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya, lions are attacking Maasai cattle, as they have for hundreds of years....

  • X-Ray Earth show

    X-Ray Earth

    Think you know everything about the planet you call home? Think again and prepare to be astounded in this two-hour...

  • Empire show


    The Empire State Building is perhaps the most recognizable building in the world. Now, on its 80th anniversary, a new building...

  • Alien Deep show

    Alien Deep

    The ALIEN DEEP. It’s a place in the sea, thousands of metres beneath the surface and hundreds of metres from the first crack...

  • Lost Faces of the Bible show

    Lost Faces of the Bible

    Christmas season comes alive as National Geographic Channel brings viewers programming that is in-line with the holiday...