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Follow Vervet monkeys as they screech and bite their way to the top of the monkey pyramid in this real life monkey soap opera.

Among the leafy avenues of an exclusive residential estate in South Africa, a turf war between rival gangs is breaking out. Battle lines have been drawn and teeth are bared. But, it is not humans leading the charge on this offensive attack; it is their primate cousins – the wily Vervet monkeys.

This 5-part series follows the Pani troop of Vervet monkeys as they screech, bite and broadside their way to the top of the monkey pyramid in this real life monkey soap opera. What these Vervets lack in size, they make up for in resourcefulness and insatiable curiosity. Scaling rooftops and sneaking through windows, the Vervets have made Mt. Edgecombe – an exclusive residential club estate in Durban, South Africa – their personal playground. Like kids in a candy store, the Vervet monkeys of the Pani troop steal almost any food they can get their hands on, and a sugar rush has much the same effect on these little monkeys as on little humans.

But life is about to get much more difficult for the Pani troop, as invading Vervets from the outside threaten to overtake the Pani territory. The troop must band together or risk losing everything. The Pani males are more interested in showing off their assets and securing their position in the male hierarchy than in guarding the troop. Will alpha female Bess and her Pani sisterhood be able to protect the Pani stake in Mt. Edgecombe from the streetwise Sugar Cane Gang? And when a monkey in their midst starts attacking the juveniles, will the Pani females be able to fend off the attacker before it is too late?

With key insight into Vervet behaviour and a play-by-play analysis of complex Vervet gestures and movements, Street Monkeys opens a unique window into these adorable primates’ everyday interactions, which can be surprisingly similar to their more advanced human counterparts.


  • Street Monkeys: Girl Gang
    A troop of Vervet monkeys find themselves marooned in a wealthy golfing estate in Durban South Africa. Although the Pani Troop seem to have landed in monkey heaven, life in paradise is not so easy as they learn to adapt and survive in this new and challenging environment. How we deal with our precocious primate cousins can tell us a lot about ourselves but the people that live on the Mount Edgecombe Estate are only half the problem - The Pani Troop must also to defend this prime piece of monkey real estate from their arch rivals The Sugar Cane Gang who are trying to move in on their turf and steal a piece of the action.
  • Street Monkeys: Boys In The Hood
    ts the start of the mating season and testosterone levels are reaching fever pitch. Hormone driven males gear up to show our Pani females, and each other, just Whos the Daddy. Well see just how tough it can get for our male monkeys, as Brains must deal with Robbie, a new arrival in the Pani Troop. But theres also the rogue male, Tyson, who, after years on the fringe of gang life, decides that now is the time to make his move. But even for a mature bully like Tyson its a dangerous game to play and the power struggle to rise in the ranks leaves him fighting for his life.
  • Street Monkeys: Turf War
    With the street-mean Sugar Cane Gang determined to snatch the Pani Troops territory, the turf war on Durbans Mt Edgecombe Estate reaches crisis point. The Pani troop males must put their political differences aside and join with the girls to face down the enemy. But this time the Sugar Cane Gang arent backing down. With fierce battles breaking out in the streets, more and more of the Pani Troops prized turf falls to Sugar rule. With natural disaster compounding their misfortune, the Panis world is turned upside-down. Forced from the heart of their range they head north to the edge of their turf and straight into conflict with another troop. Faced with yet more defeat, Top-male Brains makes a desperate move: leading the entire Pani Troop out of their ancestral homeland onto unknown turf…
  • Street Monkeys: Exiles
    Driven from their home and forced into unfamiliar territory by the aggressive Sugar Cane Gang, the Panis learn the hard way what the world beyond the estate walls is really like. This episode is about being exiled. There are mixed attitudes on Mt. Edgecombe estate toward the ill-mannered, new monkey residents, the Sugar Cane Gang, and tolerance is fast disappearing. If man and monkey are to coexist, lessons in tolerance need to be re-learnt. As for the Panis, their taste of the outside world and the death of Little Segan has tipped the balance in their war against the Sugars. Will they return to their lush Mt. Edgecombe paradise or will they remain exiles forever?
  • Street Monkeys: New Order
    It's been a rough year for the Pani Troop. Their world has been turned upside down; the heart of their territory ripped out and Mount Edgecombe's borders breached. Thrown into exile by a rival gang they collided headlong with another troop, who weren't in the mood for sharing. And neither were their human neighbours. Bess has to prepare her son Joseph for some hard lessons of life, as she tries to distance herself from him in preparation for the arrival of her next offspring. But low-ranking Lucy beats her too it, giving birth to the first baby of the season. Lucy has a vicious open wound in her neck one of the other vervets attacked her, possibly trying to get her baby off her. Is a rogue male on the prowl? Will he strike again? Brains is hitting too hard as he tries to drag the males in line and he's turning into a bit of a tyrant. His campaign against mid-ranking Mr. Brown sees no let up. Brown has few options fight or flight being the most likely, but would he dare turn on the big boss of the Panis? If Bess and Brains don't regain control they face desertion, invasion or both. Will the troop rally itself before the coming of the next generation?