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    • Bloody Battle Bones show

      Bloody Battle Bones

      As archaeologists dig at a battle-scarred castle, they uncover how viciously the knights were slaughtered.

    • Building A Castle show

      Building A Castle

      Get a glimpse of the building site where filmmakers recreated the castle construction of 1179.

    • Battle Scene show

      Battle Scene

      Filmmakers prepare for the big battle scene in the courtyard.

    • Knight Pressure show

      Knight Pressure

      In the courtyard filmmakers prepare a scene where the Templars pressure King Baldwin to construct a castle.

    • Battle Aftermath show

      Battle Aftermath

      Director Ben Mole wraps an exhausting battle scene.

    • King Baldwin show

      King Baldwin

      Director Ben Mole oversees a wide shot of Baldwin's Palace, with a little help from CGI later on.