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  • Thermite Experiment show

    Thermite Experiment

    Tim Shaw conducts a science experiment to find out what happens when thermite is ignited on top of a block of ice.

  • Public Wi-Fi show

    Public Wi-Fi

    Do you access important data using public Wi-Fi hotspots? Perhaps you should think twice before doing it again.

  • Staying Cool show

    Staying Cool

    These hacks from Brian Brushwood will keep you cool during your next Fourth of July backyard party.

  • The Fortune Teller show

    The Fortune Teller

    Brian Brushwood demonstrates how easy it is to fall prey to the “Barnum Effect.” This is when people believe that general s...

  • Aquatic Dinosaur show

    Aquatic Dinosaur

    How did the Spinosaurus evolve to survive in the water?

  • Developing Antibody Cocktails: Overview show

    Developing Antibody Cocktails: Overview

    Researchers work with scientists around the country to conduct their live virus Ebola research in the lab.

  • Vaccine Delivery Alternatives: Overview show

    Vaccine Delivery Alternatives: Overview

    Dr. Maria Croyle has worked for years to create novel delivery methods for vaccines using de-activated common cold viruses.

  • Akiva Goldsman on Energy show

    Akiva Goldsman on Energy

    Akiva Goldsman talks about the importance of finding clean, safe energy in our world.

  • Therapeutic Memory Manipulation: Overview show

    Therapeutic Memory Manipulation: Overview

    Steve Ramirez describes his work in locating and modulating individual memories within a brain.

  • More than Human Teaser show

    More than Human Teaser

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Future of Pandemics show

    Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Future of Pandemics

    Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson believes that pandemics might be more of a cultural problem than a scientific one.

  • Decoding the Brain Teaser show

    Decoding the Brain Teaser

  • Machine Gun show

    Machine Gun

    The evolution of the machine gun from its use in WWI to the GAU-8 Avenger, one of the deadliest machine guns in the world.

  • Cruise Missiles show

    Cruise Missiles

    Track the flight of a Tomahawk cruise missile and examine every key stage of its journey - launch, flight and target.

  • Perfect Weapon show

    Perfect Weapon

    Introducing the bone-crunching, flesh-tearing series that takes an alternative look at ancient weaponry.

  • Downed Pilot show

    Downed Pilot

    A US fighter pilot was blown out of the air by a missile over Bosnia. He came down behind enemy lines and had to dodge Serbian ...

  • Andrew Muir show

    Andrew Muir

    Andrew Muir - Rolex Awards For Enterprise 2008

  • Talal Akasheh show

    Talal Akasheh

    Talal Akasheh - Rolex Awards For Enterprise 2008

  • Tim Bauer show

    Tim Bauer

    Tim Bauer - Rolex Awards For Enterprise 2008

  • Sudan To Ethiopia show

    Sudan To Ethiopia

    Travelling under blistering sun, at an all time emotional low, the boys meet with UNICEF to discuss local efforts to prevent la...