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  • At the Car Wash show

    At the Car Wash

    The O.C tribe takes great pride in the newness of their cars. To keep them looking new Rand takes all the family’s cars to be...

  • Phnom Kulen show

    Phnom Kulen

    Charley visits some market stalls and is shocked to see what items are for sale.

  • Self Representation show

    Self Representation

    Rickie has already been sentenced and is trying to get a new trial while representing himself.

  • Joyrider show


  • Cell Block Shakedown show

    Cell Block Shakedown

    Gang wars in the jail are escalating, and an elite unit descends on the inmates to quell any rivalries.

  • Submarine Graveyard show

    Submarine Graveyard

    The team brave treacherous conditions in a search for missing submarines from World War 2.

  • A "Girly" Makeover show

    A "Girly" Makeover

    Cameron and Lynch hit the street to find out what girls like on their motorcycles.

  • Up the mountains show

    Up the mountains

    FOB agents work 24/7 in one of the most active and remote areas for drug traffic and illegal immigrants.

  • Amsterdam show


  • In the dark show

    In the dark

    Two CBP agents enter an abandoned silver mining town looking for drug carriers during the night.

  • Crowd Control show

    Crowd Control

    As the sun comes up, the doors on this department store are broken down.

  • Midnight runners show

    Midnight runners

    The Blackhawk crew helps ground agents to track down illegal immigrants during the night.

  • Bartolo Canyon show

    Bartolo Canyon

    FOB agents come out in force to patrol one of the most active trails at night.

  • Use the Force show

    Use the Force

    A new client comes in requesting a stormtrooper-white motorcycle for his upcoming trip to Comic-Con.

  • Ground Warfare show

    Ground Warfare

    This series explores the nitty-gritty of Ground Warfare in an engaging and unpredictable way.

  • Desert Breakdown preview show

    Desert Breakdown preview

    Federal officers in Nogales, Arizona, battle illegal immigration, smuggling and terrorism.

  • Andrew Muir show

    Andrew Muir

    Andrew Muir - Rolex Awards For Enterprise 2008

  • Under Siege preview show

    Under Siege preview

    Federal law enforcement officers battle illegal immigration, smuggling and terrorism.

  • The New Guy show

    The New Guy

    Kevin gives the new guy a hard time while showing him how to chain tires.

  • The Human Stash preview show

    The Human Stash preview

    CBP agents and officers battle illegal immigration, smuggling and terrorism.